Our Mission

Tamalpais Park Neighborhood Association was established in 1980 and takes pride in its many accomplishments.  We have worked to help preserve Park School as a neighborhood school; to establish a street tree assessment district to maintain our many street trees planted in 1906; and to enable traffic calming in the Triangle. Our Annual Meeting in March invites all 350+ Tam Park households for a speaker or panel discussion, and refreshments. Each May our annual potluck picnic brings residents to meet their neighbors and take part in a fire extinguisher drill with the Mill Valley Fire Department. Our neighborhood e-mail list warns of coming high tides, possible flooding, or development plans which could impact our neighborhood. Our 100 -year-old street trees are being replaced as needed. Call Charlotte Osborn, 415-383-1965, if you see a distressed street tree or want one. We've set up emergency preparedness teams in our area and educated residents on readiness, supported affordable housing without overbuilding or replacing local businesses. We have 20+ residents trained in CERT (Community Emergency Response Training. TPNA donated a generator to Park School's emergency container, plus lights for a night-time emergency. It could be utilized if needed outside of school hours. For info on the 18-hour CERT class, go to readymarin.org.

Recently we've contributed to the rebuilding of Old Scout Hall on E. Blithedale near our neighborhood and to Friends of Mill Valley. Previously we contributed to the Sycamore Park renewal and purchased tiles for the children's sandbox at Boyle Park. All these activities are reported in our annual newsletter to each Tam Park home. We are working to keep Tamalpais Park an attractive, pleasant place to live.

What We've Achieved

  • We have worked to help preserve Park School as a neighborhood school

  • Established a street tree assessment district to maintain our many street trees, planted when the area was laid out in 1906

  • We have worked to calm traffic in our narrow winding streets

  • We have worked to set up emergency preparedness groups throughout the neighborhood and educate residents on readiness

  • We maintain an email list of residents to notify them about high tide/flooding days, major building plans near our neighborhood, flu shot locations, Halloween plans or problems, lost or found pets, etc.

  • We have worked to study our architectural heritage and encourage its preservation

  • We have many residents trained in CERT, or Community Emergency Response Training

  • In 1998, we received a Neighborhood Achievement Award from the Marin Community Foundation in recognition of our street tree program

  • We have donated to local enterprises such as Old Scout Hall restoration, the 142 Throckmorton Theatre, the Boyle Park sandbox tile project, and the Sycamore Park restoration project