Our goal is to welcome, inform, and befriend our neighbors.


Tamalpais Park Neighborhood Association of Mill Valley has been in existence since 1980. We aim to protect and enhance our neighborhood experience, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Learn the laws and guidelines of our city. Become familiar with the wonderful resources around us. Share information about schools, programs, and history. Meet the people down the street, have fun, and make this your home. 


Ready to take the next step? Learn more about neighborhood issues, help welcome new neighbors and ideas, socialize, and enrich your experience here in Tam Park.

Please help support future neighborhood activities by registering and sending your dues check for $20 in today. Your neighborhood association board spends many hours attending City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings, neighborhood association meetings and serves on city committees as representatives of our historic neighborhood, Tamalpais Park. Your support is important.


President's Report

Members, please join us at our Tamalpais Park Neighborhood Association Annual meeting on

  • Wednesday, April 26
  • at the Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto Ave. in the Mountain View Room
  • Social time from 6PM-6:30. Meeting start time is 6:30pm.
  • Refreshments supplied by the TPNA Board.
  • A brief business meeting will follow the speaker, Mill Valley City Manager, Jim McCann.
Jim McCann

Jim McCann

UpDATE on 250 E. Blithedale 

The construction project at 250 E. Blithedale has been approved and demolition has commenced. The rumor is that the restaurant space will be a La Boulangerie. Farewell Tony Tutto's we will miss you and wish you luck in finding a new location in Southern Marin.


  • That gas leaf blowers are illegal in Mill Valley? You could be fined if you or your gardener are using one. Please switch to using an electric one.
  • There is a 72 hour limit of parking your car in the same spot on the street. You could be fined.
  • Never put a nail in a street tree. That will kill them. It is not allowed to post signs on our street trees. The best thing to do is park a car with a sign on it for tag sales, lost dogs, etc. If not, police typically remove signs they see on trees and electrical poles.
  • Never trim the street trees. They are maintained by the city. Your tax dollars pay for their love and care. Also, if you live on a creek, it's possible that the city maintains them too. Confirm your deed with the city parks and recreation department.
  • Our streets are narrow. Be sure when you are parking that there is 11 ft. wide clearance on the street to allow EMS vehicles to fit through and get by.
  • Garbage cans can not be bigger than 45 gallons. 
  • Each resident gets 2 free big "Curbside Cleanups" per year.
  • There is street sweeping in Mill Valley. Most of our neighborhood is done on the 2nd Thursday of every month. To learn more click here.
  • A reminder, only young children are allowed to bike on sidewalks, please learn and share the rules of the road.
  • Sign up for an RSVP sticker. The Resident Shopper Vehicle Program permit allows residents free parking up to the maximum allowable time posted at any of the City's 400 parking meters.  Apply for up to two per household here.

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